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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You Have the Most AMAZING.....

God has a reason for everything he does. Some people (apparently that would be me) couldn't handle wealth and so he allows them to be poor. Some people couldn't handle fame so he allows them to be obscure. I've always said that God didn't make me a size 0 and beautiful because I couldn't handle it. It's absolutely true! Unless you consider shoe shopping and party planning a talent, I'm a Jac (get that?) of all trades and the master of nothing... Until a few weeks ago when I received a phone call from the Oklahoma Blood Institute. The nurse told me the last time I gave blood they noticed I had an amazing platelet count and wanted to know if I would consider donating platelets. Being the goodhearted, civic minded person I am, I thought that sounded like a swell idea. I showed up last night for my first platelet donation and the nurse that checked me in commented on how AMAZING my platelets were. I'm kind a shy when it comes to accepting a compliment and gave her the ole' "You probably say that to all the donors" look. When they got me settled into my recliner (great way to spend a Tuesday night!), the two nurses hooking me up to the machine, were both bragging on my AMAZING platelets. It was getting down right awkward and I could actually feel my head begin to swell from the pride. See! This is exactly why I'm not a size 0! I can't wait to schedule my next donation. I'm terribly afraid that God is going to humble me by zapping my AMAZING platelets and turning them into mediocre ones that no one wants. If that happens I'll be nothing more than a girl with a lot of shoes who knows how to throw a great party. Right now I am all that with amazing platelets to boot.

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