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Monday, November 21, 2011

Cokernut Pie!!! Tis the Best

Looks pretty huh? Yeah, it's not the one I made :-)
Have you ever done something knowing you shouldn't do it? Knowing that you would reap what you sowed for years on end... Yet you went ahead and committed the act? That's me tonight. I just had to have a coconut pie (pronounced cokernut, which drives my daughter crazy, but I'm more redneck than I admit to so my bad). I got the recipe from a lady who makes the best cokernut pie ever, hands down, because I don't even like cokernut. I even made the crust which always ends up looking like the quilt made of human skin on Silence of the Lambs. I have a Suzy Homemaker cousin who could make a pie crust in her sleep that would win awards, but I just didn't get that gene. Instead, I  combine my sewing skills (which are nil) with my baking skills, which aren't pretty but they'll do in a pinch and this is the result of my talent... A crust that looks like it's been formed from the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The reason I shouldn't be making cokernut pies isn't just because of my haphazard crusts, it's because my family isn't exactly sweet eating machines. My husband will eat chocolate cake but that's so ordinary. Plus, the last time I got on a pie kick I gained 15lbs which sadly, to this day, still hangs limply on either side of my hips.  But, it's the holidays. It's the holly, jolly, jiggly, wiggly holidays and by gosh I plan on jiggling and wiggling with the best of em.... Just me and my cokernut pies.

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