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Monday, November 23, 2009

Every Few Feet

I had the pleasure to go on a hike this weekend with our best friends minus one couple. It was a beautiful fall day. That morning the sky was overcast and it had rained sometime during the night but I knew that living in Oklahoma meant by noon it could be blazing hot with the sun at full throttle. When we got to the beginning of the trail I had to wrangle all the guys in so we could get a group shot (you know to capture the memories as I'm always saying). I'll have to say that they were pretty agreeable in the beginning.... with that first pose. But after a few feet (100 yards to be exact by their calculation) I found what I believed to be another background that needed to captured with our smiling faces in it. About the 3rd "background" opportunity they began to act.... shall we say.... a tad fussy. What is it with guys any way? It's important to the girls that we take advantage of every photo opportunity that comes our way. I still can't figure out why the big deal. My oldest son used to tell me to put the camera down, "no more 3x5's Mom". I pushed my luck as far as I could until I had to settle for action shots of them pretending to be hiking across a dam, shoulders slumped, heads down, looking terribly bored. The next night at church I asked one of the guys what the deal is with pictures... why the heck all the fuss? He informed me that they just wanted to get in the woods and conquer the task. Okay, I could almost understand that... you know, kind of Neanderthal mentality. Actually, when he said that I instantly got a visual of them bouncing through the woods in ape-like fashion, scratching themselves and passing gas with glee, but for the sake of not belittling their manliness we'll call it conquering the task. Basically, we cramped their style with all of the stopping and fussing over couple shots ("Oh Jac, you're going to want to frame this one") Luckily, all of the girls have very strong personalities and the Neanderthal needs of the guys did not prevent us from capturing our adventure every few (100 yards) feet. Next time I guess I'll leave my camera at home so the guys can whisk us through the woods and impress us with their navigational skills... LOL! I will, however, be sure to secretly record all of it on my cell phone and immediately post it on Youtube!!! Wouldn't want a good memory to go unrecorded.

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