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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Remember.... A Difficult Task

I'm cleaning out a spare bedroom today that has been the "Open the door and toss whatever you're not using and quickly shut the door room". When I went to open the door I could barely squeeze through. The first thing I came across were clothes so small that the only way I will ever fit into them is if I develope some type of deadly disease that causes me to shrink into a small child.... Depressing. But I'm happy I can pass them on to some person, or child. Then came the remnants  of my oldest son's eclectic decor including a large wooden fork that hung on his wall and an orange construction cone that I could probably be arrested for having. Anyone in need of a large wooden fork for their kitchen?  Actually I kind of hate to get rid of it because it reminds me of those fun days when I never knew what shennanigans he and his friends would be up to next.... All harmless in the great scheme of things, but boy it sure made things interesting. Then I came across the sad box. Pictures of places, times, and people who used to be an intricate part of our lives and for one reason or another are no longer present. Precious memories made, but relationships lost. Time you can never get back leave the biggest void. Finally, I came across the boxes I used when I changed jobs. My office walls were decorated with a lot of memories, things that have no meaning to anyone but myself and my co-workers.... Seven memory making years. Suddenly, my cheery, get up and get something done attitude has turned into a darkened heart with a giant void that is sorely missing the good ole days..... "When the winters were warmer, the grass was greener, the skies were bluer, and the smiles.... Were bright" Well, perhaps nothing says it better, or more beautifully than this lady. She wraps my morning in exactly the right words........

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