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Friday, November 29, 2013

Baby Love

I just got back from getting me some major BABY Love!!!! I've never really had the chance to be an aunt and for the record I would have made an awesome aunt. When my kids got older, I was the one who borrowed other peoples wee ones to take to the movies or go to the park. I've just been biding my time until my time comes to be the Lolli to my husband's Pops. No news on that front, so I'm still in borrowing mode. Nothing (NOTHING) makes my day like some baby love. The way they curl up in your arms and make those sweet
little grunts and groans..... I got a text this evening that the arrival of the latest baby to be born into The Girlfriends circle was in town and ready to meet the extended fam. Lickity split I was there in a New York second trying to wait patiently as the legitimate Uncle took his time holding the baby. Finally, when I could control myself no more,
he passed little Ephraim off like a football in a winning play. I sat there holding this sweet little bundle of potential (Mr. Advanced Pants is my official title for him). Tears spilling down my cheeks at the miracle, and yes the circle of life. As God prepares to take people home, new life arrives bringing joy and healing in the tiniest packages. No, I'm not a blood relative, but tell that to my heart and soul. This family has been my life support in the darkest of times and the laughter to some of the most remarkable memories I've ever
made. So, in every way that counts I love this child as my very own. I have anticipated his arrival and I celebrate his birth like Smith blood runs through my veins. He slept like a bear hibernating for winter in my arms, which is the best feeling a woman can have. What is it with women and babies? I love the baby stage. I loved all the night feeding, diaper changing, the spit up and the poop; every single thing about the baby phase of parenting was magical and cherished. The last couple of weeks have been riddled with anxiety and sadness about what the next few months brings, but with one little yawn, he took all that away and replaced it with hope that only baby love can bring. God gives and God takes away and somehow in the miracle of birth, he heals the hurts and gives hope that tomorrow will be a better day. That's the benefits of baby love. My official title is Aunt JacJac given to me by yet another borrowed niece. I'm not complaining, just soaking it all in.

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