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Saturday, September 28, 2013

A New Twist to Being Out of The Loop

 I don't know why, but I've always been a tie nerd.  I grew up in a era where men wore ties and cuff links to church. Even though he rarely wears them, I love shopping for ties for my husband.  I love the colors and patterns of ties and how the manliest man can rock a paisley pattern without denting his manhood.  Yes sirree, I love ties. I was putting away groceries this weekend when I heard the screen door slam and squealed with surprise and then delight to see my
youngest little robin dropping back in the nest all dressed up for the wedding of a friend. What a wonderful surprise. He looked so adorable in his spiffy dress shirt, slacks and tie.  He's just such a cutie!!! At first glance, I thought his knot had been bungled and immediately started to straighten it up, but upon closer inspection, the
bungled tie was purposefully woven into what I'm told is a trendy new knot. . . Well, new to me.  Although cute as a bug as he is, I just couldn't take my eyes off his knot and of course had to google images of my fascination as soon as he left.  These pretty little knots puts a whole new twist to me being totally out of the loop on ties (and possibly (POSSIBLY) other things). Who knew?

Wanna learn how??

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