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Friday, December 21, 2012

Poinsettia Killer Extraordinaire

Three white Poinsettias 
Sitting side by each
To bring within the office walls
The Christmas cheer to all and each
Each white Poinsettia 
Had a tale to tell
About the tender care twas given
To keep their beauty well
The first sad Poinsettia
Had no leaves to show
No bright and cheery petals
Above the big red bow
Obvious neglect
Had taken quiet a toll
Upon the sad Poinsettia
With only stalks to show
The second white Poinsettia 
Was perkier by far
Than the first sad Poinsettia
That was very battle scared 
Although it's petals drooped a little 
Like a sad puppy's ear
And the edges were quiet faded
And offered little cheer
It still retained some life
Though not a happy soul
The owner could stand proud
She didn't kill it cold
The third White Poinsettia
Still quite robust
Sat upon the window sill
  Stout and vigorous
The one who gently cared for it
 Could finally rest with ease
Although she'd broken lots of things
It still had all it's leaves
 She wouldn't hold the title
Of killer extraordinaire
That title now belonged
To the one who was so fair
The one who sat on Santa's lap
In a Christmas pose
Although she looked quite happy
I guarantee you Santa knows
The carnage left behind
Upon that window sill
The very sad Poinsettia
Her hand had ruthlessly killed

2012 Poinsettia Killer

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