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Monday, August 24, 2009

Weight loss and Worries

Went to the Dr. this weekend and I had lost a lousy 7 lbs. Not that I'm not thankful for the loss, but considering the fact that I've restricted my intake so much plus added 15-25 minutes to my workout, I'm a little discouraged. Talked with a friend of mine recently who over the last couple of years has visably gotten thicker around the middle. She said that despite running 6 miles a day she hasn't been able to shed that worrisome thickness we all dread when we reach "that time" in our female lives. So I'm wondering to myself if what used to be my above average weight, will now become my normal weight. I so don't want to have that thick middle!!!!! So this month I'm going to try adding a workout in the evening as many times a week as I can. That's working out 3 times a day. Geeze, being a woman shouldn't be this hard.

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